Trnava is one of the oldest and most important cities in Slovakia. It is a natural centre of lower Považie, the seat of the Trnava district and Trnava Self-Governing region. With the population of 65 000 inhabitants it is the seventh biggest city in Slovakia. The history of Trnava dates back to the year 1211. Nowadays it is a university city and an important sports bastion. The city has beautiful historical centre with many churches and is surrounded by medieval city walls. Because of that it has often been called “Little Rome”.

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Slovakia is a special country. Even in such a small area, you’ll find everything from natural treasures and historical monuments to rich folk culture and modern entertainment in the busy city streets. Enjoy the beauty and unique atmosphere that Slovakia has to offer. Explore its splendid natural scenery, rich history, culture, and traditions. For an in depth information about Slovakia visit or

Trip tips

If you wish to travel around Slovakia before or after Trnava Frisbee Games here are our few suggestions to consider:

 1. Hike from Strbske pleso to Skok waterfalls in High Tatras

Strbske pleso is a gateway to many favorite tours in High Tatras. Park your car/bus/bike there and hike away! It’s a neat short tour up to the waterfalls (3 hours there and back on yellow marked path) and the views are worth it. Fresh air of High Tatras is known to be curative. If you feel strong, walk up along the waterfalls and look at them from above! You’ll find mesmerizing mountain lakes at the top.

For slow walkers, take a relaxed walk around Strbske pleso tarn. It’s so beautiful there… Many locals find accommodation in the centre and with the first rays of daylight undertake whole-day hikes to Tatra peaks.

2. Spis castle

This magnificent 900 years old ruin is one of the biggest castles in Europe! It is beautifully placed in the countryside on travertine rock. From there, the landscape stretches away so unspoilt. Magical place, perfect to transport you back in time. The castle is legitimately listed in the UNESCO Heritage List, among the most important monuments in the world. The exhibition is large and profound, you can spend a whole day wandering about. During weekends the castle really comes alive with costumed enthusiasts and historical props. You’ll find the Spis castle on the way from Levoca to Presov.

3. Sucha Bela hike

Slovak Paradise is a magical forested piece of land in the east of Slovakia, full of ravines, gorges, chasms, meadows and waterfalls. Devoted local hikers enjoy refreshing walks through the narrow canyons and up the waterfalls, often with the help of wooden bridges, high ladders and iron chains. The elevations are not high, but the adventure factor is. But no worries, the walks are very enjoyable and not that demanding as it may seem!

Sucha Bela gorge makes for one of the most fascinating karst marked paths through the Paradise. Waterfalls, rock windows, cascades, ladders, natural jacuzzis and even an ancient carthusian monastery await you on your way. The tour start in Podlesok. You’ll get there from Hrabusice. Park your car in the guarded parking lot. The main walk is one-way up the stream. Make sure you have good water-resistant hiking boots on, you will walk through the gorge, often with the stream below your feet. Refresh with a cabbage soup, Kofola or langoš in Klastorisko cottage. From there leads a quick return way to Podlesok. The tour is semi-demanding, 4 hours total. We wish you a heavenly journey!

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