Bratislava Airport (IATA: BTS) is the nearest commercial airport located about 40 km southward. Vienna International Airport (IATA: VIE) is another airport within reach. Flights to Bratislava or Vienna are the best options.


Trnava lies on a major Slovak train route from Bratislava to Kosice, which provides an easy railway access from many Slovak cities. Train travel from Bratislava takes only about 30 minutes. There are another two railway lines stemming from Trnava: one with westward direction (Smolenice, Kuty) and another leading Southeast to town of Sered. Trnava has direct railway connections with these European capitals: Vienna, Warsaw, and Kiev.


Trnava is located on a major D1 Slovak freeway and close to its R1 intersection. It has a good connection to Slovak capital Bratislava and nearby cities such as Nitra, Piestany, or Trencin. Bus station is located near Trnava city center, next to a railway station. There are buses leaving to/arriving from Bratislava at least once an hour, more frequently in peak hours. Quite many people commute from Trnava to Bratislava and also from nearby villages to Trnava. Bus travel from Bratislava to Trnava takes about 50 minutes. There are direct bus lines to some major European cities, such as Prague, Vienna, and Munich.


If you are coming by car, just turn on your GPS, everybody has one nowadays 🙂

The address of the sports area: Rybníková 576/15, 917 01 Trnava, Slovensko

GPS Coordinates: 48°22’56.2″N 17°35’10.7″E

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